Stop Chasing Paper And Chase Purpose

This year I had time to begin to reflect on all that I have done for others, the people i have touched, the businesses I have launched and helped launched, and grown I am really grateful and a bit curious. I get asked all the time- how did you do it? Here’s how:

When you love what you do so much your sides could split, money comes easy. I know some of you are already discounting this after just my first sentence. You are pulling up all your considerations and circumstances:

  • I love what I do and I am broke

  • I am in my purpose, but I hate marketing

  • I am passionate, but I can’t get clients

  • I love what I do, but this is too hard

No. When you love what you do… when you wake up every day feeling like if you didn’t do it then it would be criminal, then you figure out, learn, and do whatever it takes. You never stop. You never pause. For me money is love. It allows me to share, give, develop, and grow. Over the last three years I was never chasing the money- I was always chasing the dream. The dream of seeing hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and grow and thrive even in this economy. The dream of seeing helping-based businesses change lives and transform people and situations. The dream of having the abundance to write checks for things I am passionate about and care for deeply. I was chasing the love – the love I had to share with people that I knew would then turn and share with others – that deep, rich ripple effect love.

Chasing the money doesn’t work. At some point you will get bored and angry when things don’t go exactly as you planned. Money is not that hard to make. Really. You could think of 100 ways to make money today – illegally, legally, in a job, asking, begging, Ebay, on and on. Money is not that hard to make. The hard part is making a difference. When you can make money by making a difference, everything is deeper. You don’t mind the hits or jabs or naysayers that come your way, you simply keep chasing the dream because when your dream comes true, so does everyone’s around you.

When you love what you do so much you will do whatever it takes to BE THE CHANGE in this world, when you are focused on helping people, serving, and love, you can’t help but make money. I wake up everyday and ask myself two questions:

  • Who can I help?

  • Who can I serve?

I never ask how much money I can make and don’t misunderstand I am in this to make money – I know that money will allow me to change my world, your world, and the entire world. I just know it is not the fastest path to cash. I know when I love people, when I serve people, and when I help people, money always follows IF I am certain to ask. You can’t just live your life giving everything away. I know that by charging the RIGHT rate for my services I help people and you do too.

So, how did I do what I did this year? I chased the dream. I know that money is just love. Money is a barometer to measure the love you give and the love you receive through the divine work that you do. Money is energy and light and air and love. I am not looking to be a millionaire to count my dollars…I am looking to be a millionaire to count my blessings.

Stop chasing the paper and start chasing purpose.

#peace #purpose #money #chasing #prosperity

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