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                                        Please Read Entire Layout

Followed By us Moving Forward
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 New York Fashion Week Designer

Hello Please Read The ENTIRE LAYOUT
Prom Dress Starts @ $850
Wedding Dress Starts @ 1250 +
Reception Designs $550+
Bridesmaids $350+
Custom Garments $250 + Birthdays, sweet sixteen you get the point
Also do custom other items like cheerleader, jumpsuit, summer dress and more just ask or included in your reply,

Which includes the following below…?
Production of Garment (start to finish)
All Fabric
All Trim & or Applique
Two Appointment or fittings

**** Clients can hold their consultation appointment date & time by sending a non-inclusive $50 Non-Refundable fee Via cash app, zelle or invoice that we can send
• Price Range depends on Date of event, Clients dress size, fabrics, prints, color, and hand sewn application details

Copy & Paste Layout

                                                 Answer All Questions

Full Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Full Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
City_________________________________________________________________ State___________ zip code_________
Phone Number ________________________________________ (cell phone & Parents number _________________
Theme of Prom or Event ______________________________________________________________________________

(If you have one)
Send photo of yourself (clear full length)

1). If your NOT located in Atlanta Ga area are you willing to travel for 1 appointment?
If you unable to travel for 1 appointment & still willing to send Professional measurement & full payment yes, we can work together!
Payment can be made by Zelle (thur your bank) if they have it, Invoice that I will send just send me your email. If you unable to do both then I am unable to design and create your garment.

2) What is your dress size If Number Size? 0,2,4,6,8, or __________________ (no small, med or large)
Height _____________

3) Garment Details
A. What Color?
B. What Fabric? Polyester, Cotton, stretch, silk, Sequins, sheer, neoprene, taffeta, velvet, jersey, Milliskin Just to name a few _________________________________________
C. What Style? V Neck, Mermaid, Sleeve, No Sleeve, Ball Gown, Open Back, just to name a few

D. Do you want a train? ____________ Long or short
4) Send Photo (1) PHOTO ONLY
Clear Front & Back View

5) When is the Prom/ or event? Day ______ Month ___ Year _______Time ____ & Location ________________

6) Is this a pickup or delivery? ____________________________________________________________________
7) Where will it be delivery too? __________________________________________________________________

Set your appointment date available on Sunday Only 7am- Last appointment 12am

Order of Appointment
45 min to 1-hour appointment
Sketch |Color |Style |Shape |Theme

Measurement are taken
Fabric are chosen
Contract will be signed by both Client and Parents

**Payment of Full amount is given followed by receipt. Your garment will be completed based on how many other garments I have complete a head of yours!
(2 to 3 months max)

                                          Please READ Below CAREFULLY
Client Infor. Day Of Appointment
*Please be on time (5 min early)
Please wear form fitted clothes
Please Wear Proper Under Garment
Please bring High heels (3 to 4 in)
Guest 2 max space is limited
Please be professional!
(clients that are more than 25 min late will be charge an additional $25

                                                    Payment Question

During the consultation the FULL amount is DUE! NO EXCEPTIONS
The Full amount covers the Production of your garment Start to finish, Fabric, trims and all other applications, applique needed

Payment are NO PAY PAL, NO CASH APP, NO DEPOSIT, NO MONEY ORDERS, NO CHECKS, NO CREDIT CARDS due to fabric and trims being limited & or small quantity again NO REFUNDs or EXCHANGES!!!!!

If you or your parents have any other question please feel free to call, text or email.

Thank You

Hope to hear from you soon! Let’s make your Prom or event Experience Great with  YKJ Inc Fashion House


Date: _____________ Cost: ____________

                                        Custom Garment order arrangement.
Congratulations the process of Choosing and for me designing a custom garment is incredible fun, created, rewarding. I am pleased of being involved in the process with you.

Client Name________________________________________________
Garment Occasion___________________________
Event Date: _____
Facebook: ______________________
Twitter ____________________
How Did you hear of YKJ INC. Fashion House

Number Size ___Height _____ Bust _________Waist ______ Arm Length ____ Hips ___ Arm Width __ Neck to Waist ___ Waist to Knee ___Neck to Waist___ Knee to Floor Front ___ Knee to Floor Back _______Design Color and Details:

Copy Of garment Design and Fabric sample will be attach to this contract.
The Following outlines the steps of the process and spells out our mutual expectations.

Please Read This Carefully

After the initial consultation in which we discussed your vision and preferences as well as your price we will exchange and modify ideas until a final design is agreed- upon in these exchanges we will cover fabric traces, color, dress styles, embellishment as well as accessories.
First thing is we Sketch a design, Second choose fabric, Third small details_____

Fitting and Alteration

YKJ INC> Fashion House garments are custom designed and fitted there for all fitting and alteration you do with us are covered in the price of the dress we have a full service commitment and we will work with you until the fit is perfect we plan for 1 fitting leading up to the garment completion, If for any reason you choose to go elsewhere for alteration or adjustment you are responsible for those cost.______


Designing and consulting custom dresses is a collaborative process that sometimes requires minor changes along the way. We can all expect this and that is build into your prices. Please let us know of any changes as early as possible so that we can try to accommodate for most part minor changes can be made at no additional cost. Major changes which require additional materials and or labor will need to be agreed- upon by both parties and my result in additional cost and potential time delay. _____


At the Initial Consultation the non-refundable full payment is due after we have agreed- upon the design and material and budget you will be asked to provide the full payment of the gown the payment covers the cost of material in our investment in the time in the label that is necessary to bring your gown to life. The payment doesn’t include shipment. Shipment that starts at $40 depending on service location and urgency. The dress will be giving to the client only after full payment is made. Payment doesn’t include a $25 late fee. Late fee applies only if you show up 30 min or more past your appointment time. ____


Because this is custom made for you. We can’t Except Return or Cancellation for any reason once the client and designer has signed this agreement. Boss Life custom designs is not responsible for any garment mishap doing a client event. We are committed on making this an amazing experience for all that is involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us between the hours 9am -8pm. We welcome clear and open communication. We are Satisfied when you are satisfied. ____

I agree to the above order I have checked the specifications and they are what I have selected I knowledge by my signature below that I am ordering a size _______ for my _____________________ And I am aware that there are no refunds and exchanges.

I have read and agree that YKJ INC. Fashion House,  Policy in expectation and regarding my custom garment.

Clients Signature:_________________________________
Date: __________
Designer Signature: _______________________________
Date: __________
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