About Yolanda King Johnson


Yolanda King–Johnson specializes in hair and fashion among other things. It is her heart’s desire to make her clients feel beautiful on the inside and out. In this busy world, she noticed some of her clients complaining about their hectic schedules and limited shopping ability. Yolanda decided to make personal shopping for people one of her many services to help assist her clients in always looking their best. She believes that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but eye candy can be a special treat for everyone. Yolanda is no stranger to beauty herself and knows what it takes to get the job done. Giving all glory to God she has dedicated to sharing her gifts with the world.


Yolanda King-Johnson is an amazing woman who has a powerful story to share with the world. Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland she came to South Carolina as a youth. Yolanda learned how to survive in the streets as hustling became her way of life at an early age. In an interview with Yolanda, she exclaimed, “I am an open book life has not been easy for me but I made it. I was raised up in Lakeshore apartments and life was very hard we struggled. I have slept in breezeways and in the streets the same streets that I hustled in, but glory to God He delivered me from it all.  I am not ashamed of my life God said in His word that we will overcome by the word of our testimony. If I don’t share my story somebody else’s life will be hanging in the balance. I have lost eleven babies in my lifetime and was facing twenty-two years in prison, but God had a plan for me. I was only sentenced to five years. I went up for parole twice and that last time I was released into the custody of South Carolina Probation, Pardon, and Parole services to begin a new way of life. I had to learn how to live all over again and just because I tried to change didn’t mean that my circumstances had. Deep inside of me, I have always known that my life will change somehow, and my circumstances will be different. Every day I strived harder and harder to have the things that God intended for me. I may not be where I want to be but I am sure not where I use to be! When I left prison I went back to school for cosmetology and began my career doing what came naturally to me. Since then I have owned three salons and I have my own hair line called Sazay’s. My husband and I opened a restaurant Essie B’s named after my husband’s grandmother where I hosted a networking mixer for new businesses.  Before that time I was 389 pounds and decided to have the gastric bypass surgery. Several events happened and my life dramatically changed me forever.  A few months after my surgery I found out that I was pregnant and lost my baby. It hurt me to my heart and then I got pregnant with Aniyah Johnson. I carried her for six months and I was put on bed rest as a result of almost losing her on several occasions. My husband and I made the decision to close the family restaurant for (now) because it was either the restaurant or the baby. We have a son Dontavius as well and at that time we knew we needed to focus on our family. I stayed in the hospital for a month and gave birth to our daughter prematurely.  This was yet another humbling experience for me, but it was The Game Changer. People can be cruel and often judgmental but I know that they could not walk a mile in my shoes. I want the world to know my hardship but more importantly, I want them to know that all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called to His purpose.” Do you see yourself too busy? “No, I don’t think that I am busy enough. I believe each business that I have started up is just a part of what is to come. They all represent a part of my journey for instance after I had Aniyah I became an independent distributor for a company called “It Works.” I have used this company as a vehicle as my testimony to help people understand the dangers of being overweight. I am a totally different person inside and out, I don’t look the same nor do I feel the same. I have lost almost 168 pounds and this just the beginning. “What do you see yourself doing in the near future? “My future looks mighty bright to me and I am very excited, I had opened an event center called The Game Changer Event Center in 2014 and I have a hair salon as well.  I have been an Entertainment Manager role with the event center and have a few vocalist, rappers, DJs, a model, and a comedian so I have been pretty busy these days. Not to mention we have The GC Glam Squad that is very much a part of The Event Center as well.” Wow, that’s awesome, Yolanda—is there anything that you would say to the community? “Yes, never give up on your dreams and always aspire to have more, live better, and keep God first. I am about to start working on my new book so look for it in stores nearest you.