Yolanda King Johnson Fashion House.

                        Yolanda King Johnson Inc. (YKJInc.) is a fashion design house

envisioned by fashion designer Yolanda King Johnson (YKJ).  Through the vision

of YKJ, YKJINC.  aims to grow into a fashion powerhouse offering high end, unique

quality designs to a niche market at lower to reasonable prices than the

competition. Each YKJINC.  creation expresses unique femininity, merged with

unique pieces that is made from neck ties, and unique Blends Of Fabric,

influenced by nature, architecture, people, culture, history and romance. YKJINC.

offers a new look based on something fresh and unique simplicity, individuality

and femininity.

The wait is over,  Broken "A Guide For Hard Times! Inspiration and Healing, the life experience of ups and down.